Welcome to Romance Book Lime

RBL on Blog Talk Radio!

RBL on Blog Talk Radio!


RBL: Featured Show on Blog Talk Radio!

ImageFeatured Show!

The best part of today was waking up to this wonderful email from Blog Talk Radio.

To Quote:

Congrats!  We have listened to and enjoyed your previous BlogTalkRadio broadcasts. As a result, our editorial team has selected you to be a Featured Host on BlogTalkRadio!


Click the link below to check out prior shows:

Romance Book Lime Online Radio by Romance Book Lime | Blog Talk Radio

Thank You Blog Talk Radio!

Sasha & Sara

Welcome to Romance Book Lime.


Welcome to Romance Book Lime.

Author Interviews & Romance Book Spotlights Get lost in a book, find you next read here!

In Trinidad and Tobago, where Sasha hails from, a lime is an informal social gathering at which friends chat about mutual interests, usually over drinks and food.

Sasha and Sara’s Blog Talk Radio show, Romance Book Lime, is the virtual equivalent of that. We hope you have fun liming (“hanging out”) with us as we interview authors about their work.


Sasha & Sara a.k.a

@CaribbeanAccent & @HarlequinJunkie